Asbestos Type


White asbestosTypes of Asbestos
A white, flexible, often curved or curly fibre which belong to the serpentine group of minerals. It is a magnesium silicate. Chrysotile asbestos accounts for 90% of the asbestos products manufactured. It is considered to be less hazardous than other types of asbestos.



Brown asbestos
This is brown or grey coloured and belongs to the amphiboles series of minerals. It has straight needle or sheet-like structure. Amosite contains iron and magnesium.



Blue asbestos
A blue, straight, needle-like fibre. Crocidolite is also from the amphibole group of minerals. The iron content is responsible for the distinct colour.


Other asbestos types

Tremolite, anthophyllite and actinolite are all in amphibole group. They are less commonly used in industry.