DPH/MPH Occupational Hygiene

The Wits School of Public Health, in association with the National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH), offers a Diploma and Masters degree in Occupational Hygiene over two or three part time years with a new intake of students every second year.

The courses are for people who intend to work in occupational health services in the public or private sectors. Students who complete the course will have the theoretical knowledge and skills to practise as occupational hygienists. Applicants must have a four-year qualification from a university or technikon. Being registered with the South African Institute for Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH) at the minimum of the Occupational Hygiene Technologist level will be an added advantage.

The courses are part time and a combination of contact and distance learning is offered in three parts, each part taking one year.

Part I and II involve six modules of one week each with four contact and two distance learning modules.

Part III is a research report of a thorough investigation of a hazard or hazards in a workplace with recommendations for elimination or control of the hazard/s.

Students who complete Part I and Part II will be awarded a DPH: Occupational Hygiene.
Students who complete Part I, Part II and Part III will be awarded a MPH: Occupational Hygiene.

The Curriculum is as follows:

Part I:  
Management in health and health services
Introduction to health measurement
Primary health care and social context of health
Public health law and health systems integration
Introduction to environmental and occupational health
Fundamentals of occupational hygiene and hazardous substances

Part II:
Risk assessment and management
Measurement of hazardous substances
Ergonomics, manual work and physical agents
Controlling occupational environments
Occupational safety, physical hazards and biohazards 
Occupational hygiene field work and occupational health legislation

Part III:
A research report on a thorough investigation of a hazard or hazards in a workplace with recommendations for elimination or control of the hazard or hazards

Please note that the next intake will be in 2012

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