Occupational Allergies, Asthma And Contact Dermatitis

Occupational allergies and asthma are common diseases in the developed world. The NIOH has been running a referral Occupational Medicine Clinic since 1972 to assist medical practitioners with confirmation of disease in workers and with applications for compensation. A study is currently conducted to characterise the occupational asthma cases diagnosed at the NIOH clinic during the past ten years in terms of the types of industries and occupations, the duration of exposure prior to onset of occupational asthma, the nature of the exposure and the agents implicated in the causation of the disease.

Contact dermatitis is a common occupational skin disease that should be diagnosed early to prevent disability. A description of cases seen at the NIOH Dermatology Clinic is currently under way to assist in preventing contact dermatitis in workers by describing cases and determine the financial and employment outcome of contact dermatitis cases at the NIOH occupational dermatology clinic.

The NIOH also conducts various collaborative studies into occupational allergies and asthma in a variety of industries, including bakery workers and workers in a spice mill.

The following projects are classified under this focus area: