Occupational Allergy Unit

Occupational AllergiesAllergies in the workplace are being more commonly identified and are now a significant source of illness. Workers can develop allergies to substances they encounter in their workplace, making occupational allergies a growing concern. A major focus of the Occupational Allergy Unit is to diagnose occupational allergy and to identify the causative agents by employing special tests (e.g. skin prick test, specific IgE, RAST, phadiotop, patch test, etc). The uniqueness of this service is that workplace agents relevant to the South African setting are processed and used in the case investigations.

To help link substances found in the workplace with your symptoms.

List of Allergy tests:

  • Skin prick tests
    1. Aeroallergens (determination of atopy)
    2. Commercial occupational allergens
    3. Preparation of workplace samples
  • Blood tests for specific substances
  • Occupational skin disease clinic
    1. Consultation with dermatologist
    2. Patch tests for skin allergy
    3. Comprehensive reports
    4. Submission of compensation forms
    5. Factory visits

Also visit our Scope of Tests for specific agents (e.g. bakery allergens, spice allergens, latex).

Contact us for work-related allergy questions.
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