Scientific Publications

Publication TitleYear
Asbestos-related diseases in mineworkers: a clinicopathological study2017
Development of international standard on nano-aerosol generation for inhalation toxicology study2017
Emphysema In South African Miners At Autopsy, 1975-20142017
Exposure to lead in South African shooting ranges2017
How dusty is a task?2017
Infection control and tuberculosis in health care workers: an assessment of 28 hospitals in South Africa2017
Quantitative Respirator Fit, Face Sizes, and Determinants of Fit in South African Diagnostic Laboratory Respirator Users2017
The Legacy of In Situ Asbestos Cement Roofs in South Africa2017
The neglected burden of tuberculosis disease among health workers: a decade-long cohort study in South Africa2017
The NIOH celebrates the first anniversary of its Gender, Health and the World of Work Programme (Gender@Work)2017
Work-related infections - Part 2: Prevention and control strategies - Back to basics2017
10 keys for gender sensitive occupational safety and health practice - a brief overview2016
38 Years of Autopsy Findings in South African Mine Workers2016
A cautionary approach in transitioning to \'green\' energy technologies and practices is required.2016
A study of naturally mummified human tissue from Historic Cave, Limpopo, South Africa2016
Adsorption, uptake and distribution of gold nanoparticles in Daphnia magna following long term exposure2016
Antiretroviral therapy programme outcomes in Tshwane district, South Africa: A 5-year retrospective study2016
Approaches to Develop Alternative Testing Strategies to Inform Human Health Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials.2016
Approaching a unified theory for particle-induced inflammation.2016
Asbestos remains troublesome in South Africa after the ban2016
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